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resarch –urban – creative – digital

Meet our diverse team of public domain experts, researchers, activators, software- and data fanatics.
Ps. When we wave COVID-19 goodbye, we'll get some dope looking photos ;-).

"Wasn't a great skateboarder, time to empower others!"

"Want to keep my office just as clean as my code"

JImmy Hermans
CityLegends expedition Officier

"Keeps asking the tech why"

Rob Hulsen
Tech advisor

"Accelerating the social value with CityLegends"

"Just playing outside and sharing this online. Trying to grow the urban community as big as possible."

Yendor Lambrechts
Head of urban & researcher

"From day one involved, built CityLegends from scratch"

John van de laar
Business expert

"Closing the gap of urban and public parties"

Harmen bijsterbosch
Public & innovation expert

"Want to create a world where you can compete at any level where, when and with whom you want"

Sander ubachs
Designer & social boss

Day job to manage these other guys ;-)

Renske van baarschot

Digital Projectmanager

Jeffrey lanters
Lead development & design

Bodhi van baardewijk

"Want to create the coolest things from my urban passion, for the urban culture!"

Wing mok
Urban advisor